Monday, November 28, 2011

{DIY} Wine Cork Christmas Wreath

Can you believe Christmas is already HERE!?!?!  It is my absolute favorite holiday and I have more Christmas ornaments and Santas than I care to admit...On the other hand, I only own ONE Christmas wreath...Why? probably because we only have one front door ;) Well, I decided to make a wine cork wreath to help me decorate the dining room. I am not one to brag, but I do think this wine cork wreath turned out really cute!!! Truth be told, it was actually quite easy, and very cheap (about $15)

So you have extra wine corks (you will need 34 corks for this project) and would like to make your own wreath...? Here is what you will need:
  • 1 large wooden wreath support and 1 small one (got them from Michael's for about $3 total)
  • Metal wire (got mine from the wreath section at Michael's)
  • Champagne colored (or whatever color) glitter
  • Mod Podge + brushes to apply
  • Hot glue gun + glue
  • Red decorative fillers (they come in various sizes in the same bag at Michael's, under the brand "Celebrate it")
  • Optional: Vine leaves + ornamental flower + ornamental gold grape
  • Ribbon

Step 1:

Apply Mod Podge all over both wooden wreath frames, then generously apply the glitter all over the Mod Podge to cover up the entire surface. I did that over a pan so I could  re-use the extra glitter. Let dry for at least one hour.

Step 2:

Once the glitter has set onto the Mod Podge, apply a layer of Mod Podge OVER the glitter, which will keep it from falling everywhere in your house (I know how much my husband looooves that!). Let dry again.

Step 3:

Now take the wire (I picked a red one) and weave it into one of the holes (pre-existing) to attach the smaller ring to the larger ring.

Now arrange your corks and decorative fillers (without glue) to preview the spacing you will need between each cork. For the small ring, I used 12 corks and the smallest size fillers I found in the bag. When you are happy with the arrangement, apply the corks and fillers, one at a time, with hot glue. Don't be afraid to be generous with hot glue, or your corks might fall off after they dry. Do the same for the large ring. I used 22 corks for the larger ring, and both small and large fillers in between each cork. Let everything dry at least one hour before handling.

Step 4:

Now is the time to attach all of your decorative elements. I chose a grape vine leaf (which I already had), and bought a small red Poinsettia to place in the middle. I added a gold grape bunch (purchased at Michael's for $1) and secured everything with hot glue.

Finally, I attached the ribbon by passing it through the red wire from step 3. Make sure you make a loop large enough to hang your wreath at the proper height.

My new cork wreath is now hanging on my favorite piece of furniture, (a rustic 18th-century French armoire we bought in at the biggest European flea market in Lille, France). Forgive the device I used to actually hang the wreath, that is all I had on hand at the time of the photo, I will be changing that asap! :)


  1. Touches of you, fabulous!!

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  3. I love this! Hope you don't mind I featured your wreath on my Top 10, Thanks!

  4. The DIY Wine Cork Christmas Wreath is so cool. Featured you on Homemade Wine Cork Crafts

  5. Love this wreath!! I'm going to make some for gifts. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

    1. You are quite welcome, I hope you have fun making these! :)