Sunday, November 6, 2011

(The best) Wine label removers

Someone asked me recently what the easiest way to remove wine labels was. I thought I would share my favorite wine label remover with you ~and no, I am not receiving anything from these guys for this :)  The name is "Label Off", and you can find their products at  I have tried at least 6 different products (some of them purchased on E-bay because they were cheaper and I thought "what can the difference be?"~ Big mistake), and that is the only product that allowed me to peel the labels off in less than 8 seconds (yes, I timed it) after applying the label remover onto the bottle. Label Off will remove 99% of labels. Unfortunately, some wine makers use a type of glue that will keep you from removing the label with a label remover, but I have found that those are rare and have been able to peel labels off most bottles.

These label removers will not only make it easy for you to save your wine labels, but will also protect them from fading or getting torn since they are laminated.

Happy wine label saving!


  1. Hi Stéphanie,

    I wanted to contact you to thank you for given such a great testimonial for our product. My Grandfather invented Labeloff over 30 years ago and it makes us so happy people still value the quality of the product.

    Thanks again,

  2. Hi Blair, and thank you for your note! A big "Thank you" to your grandfather for inventing such a great product, it truly IS the best label remover out there and I shall remain your most faithful customer! :)

  3. [...] a lot lately, I chose a Riesling wine label, which was removed from the (empty) bottle using Labeloff. This one comes specifically from the Rhein-Pfalz region, which is were we lived for two wonderful [...]

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    I want to add my thanks to Blair's.

    I am Blair's grandfather, the inventor of LABELOFF (as well as having many other patented inventions). If anyone has a problem removing a label, send the bottle to me and I will remove it for you.
    Dr. Marvin Pesses, P.E.