Favorite Products

Here is a visual list of some of my favorite products, most of which I own and wanted to share with you. The items I don't own are on my wish list, such as the stainless steel wine refrigerator :) If you click on any photo, you will be taken directly to a website where the items can be purchased.

28-Bottle silent refrigerator
Wine Enthusiast Decanter
Wine Enthusiast Decanter Brush
Nespresso Citiz (can't live without!)
Label Off
The BEST label remover out there!
Wine Enthusiast aerating funnel

Antique Champagne Bottle Riding rack:
we bought one at a Belgian flea market
for about $300, and that was possibly the
best decision we made in many decades. I
have found some in the US for an average
of $800-$1000 for that size. It will also hold
most wine bottles. My favorite piece of
"furniture" in the house by far!
Wine Enthusiast aerating funnel
Aerate your wine by the glass!