Thursday, November 10, 2011

{DIY} Christmas Wine Bottles Centerpiece

After living in Germany, the land of "you-shall-recycle-into-a-minimum-of-4-different-receptacles," I have become a big fan of recycling anything I possibly can, whether it goes into a recycling bin, or ends up as a Christmas ornament on our tree. This time, I decided to use glass bottles and turn them into a sparkly table centerpiece.

I used: 2 empty bottles of wine, 1 clear bottle (no idea where I got it from) and 1 empty beer bottle (yes, I also do love beer). I removed all labels from the bottles to create a smooth surface (just put the bottles into a bowl of hot water for about 20 minutes to take the labels and glue off easily). We now have something like this (note: the beer bottle was still soaking when I took this photo):

Using Mod podge (the Satin finish), a sponge, and some champagne colored glitter (pick your color, they have every color imaginable at craft stores):

...I applied the Mod Podge all over each bottle, then sprinkled generous amounts of glitter all over the bottles (Place a baking tray under the bottle so you can save the extra glitter and put it back in the container).

I let the Mod Podge and glitter dry for at least 1 hour, then I applied another layer OVER the glitter so that you didn't end up with glitter all over your hand and the house every time the bottles were carried. It sealed the glitter and created a protective layer.

If you want to, you can add a ribbon around the neck of the bottles with a decorative touch such as a wax seal or a charm.

These bottles could also be used as candle holders or water bottles for a sparkly Christmas dinner!


  1. The DIY Wine Bottle Christmas Centerpiece is so cool. Featured you on Creative Wine Bottle Centerpieces

  2. Wow, that's pretty awesome! We have lots of decorative bottles here. Now I know what to turn them to with this tutorial. Thank you. I am going to add this to my Christmas table decorations Pinterest board. thank you!

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