Monday, November 7, 2011

{DIY} Wine cork and wine label Christmas Ornament

(please forgive the poor photo quality, I don't exactly have the right setup for close-up shots, but this should give you an idea...)

I have this thing about buying one ornament for each place that I have either lived in or traveled to. We just recently moved to Virginia and I haven't exactly seen any Virginia ornament that was interesting or unique enough for me to buy one. So I decided to make one using a Virginia vineyard label. I actually used the Bluemont Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon label which you can see here.

I used a clear plastic Christmas ornament (available at any craft store for about $1), some wine cork, Mod Podge, Elmer's glue, a copy of an old letter (such as this one on the Graphic's Fairy) printed on plain paper, ribbon, a wax seal, and of course, the chosen label.

I apologize for not taking pictures of the process as I went, I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but I will explain it the best I can:

First off, I applied the label on the ornament so that it faced inside, I glued it with Modge Podge, and also glued torn pieces of the letter around the label.

I used about 4 corks and using a sharp knife, cut each one into smaller pieces, and into various shapes. I applied each piece with generous amounts of Elmer glue (it dries clear so you won't see the extra glue). I had to do this part in 3 different sessions to allow the cork to dry completely before maneuvering the ornament again and adding more cork. Once the cork work was completely dry, I tied the ribbon to the hook and glued a wax seal that I made with my Fleur de Lys stamp, on the front.

We now have our Virginia ornament!


  1. This ornament is absolutely charming. I love your cleverness. Well done. Now sell them on Etsy!