Monday, December 5, 2011

{DIY} Wine Label and Cork Ornament

To make this ornament, I scanned a wine label (I chose the Cocoa di Vine wine label ~which can you see here~, because I love wine and I also love chocolate and I thought the brown color scheme would go great with the champagne colored glitter). I re-sized it so that I could fit 6 labels on a letter-sized cardstock. You don't want them to be too large or your ornament will end up being too large (learned that the hard way). After printing them out and cutting each label out, I simply rolled each label into a cone. Then, I attach all of the cones together using a hot glue gun.

For the cork vine grape, I cut 2 wine corks into small, thin rounds (enough to get 9 rounds) and glued them together with a hot glue gun. I added some small ivy leaves to the top, as well as a bow onto the back of the grape. To add a little sparkle, I mixed some Mod Podge with some champagne colored glitter and applied it to some of the cork rounds as well as the edges of the wine labels.  The final ornament measures about 6" by 5".

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  1. je n'avais pas compris que c'était toi qui créaient ces merveilles, félicitations

  2. Ben oui, c'est bien moi :) Je me disais, autant utiliser ma passion pour le vin pour créer quelque chose, cela occupe un peu mes journées :) Bisous et merci pour le commentaire!