Monday, December 12, 2011

Designer Wine Corks

Who ever thought a simple tray full of used wine corks could look so pretty and decorative? This photo, and all the ones that follow in this post, were taken by the wonderfully talented photographer (and minor detail, also published author), Leah Marie Brown. She got a hold of an amazing set of wine corks and sent me these great photographs to illustrate how beautiful some wine corks can be...(A big fat "Merci" to you Leah Marie!)

{Leah Marie Brown is a published author, her latest novel, "Silence in the Mist" can be purchased on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.  She is also the author of the blog "Titillating Tidbits about the Life and Times of Marie Antoinette", a site dedicated to Marie Antoinette and the 18th century in France. Last, but not least, Leah Marie has been creating absolutely gorgeous 18th-century inspired Christmas ornaments and decorative items, which you can purchase in her Etsy shop.}

Now on to these fabulous wine corks...

{From the Beringer Winery}

{Not sure which winery this is one from, but I believe it's been used by more than one winery...}

{No idea where this next one is from either, but it does seem to represent a setting in New Mexico, Arizona or maybe Texas...}

{From the Don & Sons Winery, producers of Smoking Loon...don't you just love the saying? :) }

{Middle cork, from the Lindeman's Winery}

{Last, but no least, a Toad Hollow Winery cork}

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  1. Fab post! And thanks for the plug for Silence in the Mist!

    Would love it if one of your readers could identify the scenic cork. (NM, Arizona)