Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{DIY} Super Duper Easy Wine Label Ornament!

Ok, this one is for those who just don't do crafts, either because they think they aren't "crafty" or because it's too much  work and labor. This ornament is pure child's play, I promise, and an easy project that can be done in no time!

You will need:
  • A favorite wine label
  • Cork
  • Small piece of cardboard
  • Knife (to cut the cork rounds)
  • Triple Thick Glaze gloss
  • Glitter
  • Elmer's Glue and hot glue gun
  • Ribbon

Because I have been missing Germany a lot lately, I chose a Riesling wine label, which was removed from the (empty) bottle using Labeloff. This one comes specifically from the Rhein-Pfalz region, which is were we lived for two wonderful years.

Grab a piece of cardboard (I cut some off an Amazon box I had just received), and cut it slightly larger than the size of your label. Then glue it with Elmer's Glue onto the cardboard.

Now grab some Mod Podge and mix it with a generous amount of silver glitter (or pick your color), and apply it all along the edges of the cardboard. I did this so that the cardboard wouldn't show through after I attached the cork to create the frame. Wait for it to dry at least one hour. Then grab some "Triple Thick Gloss Glaze" (found it at Michael's) and apply one coat over the entire surface. It will give your label a really cool gloss effect. Let dry at least one hour. Cut your cork while waiting: Slice thin rounds of corks (you should get about 7 per cork) then cut each slice in half, as shown in the photo. When the glaze has dried, hot glue each piece of cork onto the frame.

Optional: flip your frame, and apply Mod Podge, then a generous amount of silver glitter. This will be the back of your ornament, and even though you won't really see it, it will finish off your ornament.

Finally, after everything has dried nicely, make a pretty bow and attach it to a cork round, then attach that to the ornament from the back, and Voila! Easy, wasn't it??? :)

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