Monday, March 12, 2012

{Wine Label} Bonny Doon 2008 Le Pousseur Syrah

Check out this colorful Bonny Doon wine label (and it's a printable one, too!), reminiscent of a medieval tarot card, quite a work of art, don't you think? Not only is this label one to save, but the wine itself apparently comes highly recommended, definitely on my "to-try" list! For an unbiased review of this wine, check out the Reverse Wine Snob blog (and while you are there, be sure to check out his many other wine-under-$20 reviews, before you go wine shopping...)

Bonny Doon has many, many other wonderful labels, about which I will be posting soon, but for now, I hope you will enjoy this one. Cheers!


  1. Love it. Of course, I'm partial to Syrah anyway...


  2. Thanks for the plug!

    -Jon (