Monday, February 6, 2012

{Wine Label} R.I.P: Marquis Philips

Marquis Phillips was the collaboration between American Dan Philips and Australian winemakers (Sarah and Sparky Marquis, who started the wonderful Mollydooker wines, about which I posted a few weeks back, read about it here), which resulted in crowd-pleasing, power-packed wines, and an absolute fantastic value for the money. I am writing "was," because it seems that Dan Philips, the company's founder, filed for bankruptcy back in 2010. I'm not sure what the current status of the Marquis Philips winery is today, but if you do find some bottles at your local wine shops, or anywhere else for that matter, I'd be sure to grab a few, since they are no longer producing their line, but are still liquidating their existing stock.  I do know for a fact that these super affordable wines (most under $15), are some of the tastiest wines I have had at that price, and I now only wish I would have stocked up on it. If you can't get your hands on a bottle, here are at least 3 of their labels, which I thought were quite eye-catching:

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  1. Even wine industries did not escape the claws of bankruptcy. But the good thing about this company is that they did not let the bankruptcy affect their innovation. They were able to release the Mollydooker Shake, a type of wine that doesn’t need to be stored in the cellar. I think what happened just prompted them to reinvent their brand and product.