Thursday, January 5, 2012

{Wine Label} Hansi's Alsace

You might have seen some of the labels that will follow in this post, but I would be willing to bet you have actually never heard of the name "Hansi," or Jean-Jacques Waltz..."Hansi" ( as he was nicknamed), was born in Colmar in the Alsace region of now France.  He was a fervent pro-French activist and considered himself French-Alsatian, even during the German occupation. He became known for his many, many drawings, some of which openly criticized Germans during both wars.  He was imprisoned several times by the German authorities for his satirical work that aimed at making fun of the German military and professors (If you wish to learn more about "Hansi", here is a good website:

Before the German occupation, he was also an artist in the textile industry, and created drawings for postcards (see an example here), local events, as well as local businesses in his beloved Alsace region.  Here we have several of his work related to the wine business (Hansi's drawings have become highly sought-after collectibles, should you ever come across one of these original labels at a flea or antique market...):

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