Monday, October 31, 2011

{DIY} Wine label gift tags

These gift tags are super easy, and cheap, to make.  I used a shimmery cardboard stock paper in white (this paper is really pretty but does not photograph well at all, hence the bad photo above), an inkjet printer, wax seals (all you need is wax and whatever kind of stamp you like-I have several and used a Fleur de Lys as well as my last name's initial), and ribbons.  You will also need some type of image processing software (I use Photoshop) and some label templates, like these:

After printing the labels onto the templates and cutting them out, I attached the ribbon by melting the wax directly onto the ribbon and label, and stamping it.  Write the name of the gift recipient and Voila!

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  1. Super clever. Since you borrowed a few of my ideas, I am borrowing this one ;)

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